I'm currently working on a bathroom remodel up in LA area. The distance between the client and I has been challenging, but it's also been a great learning experience. Of course, no project is complete without hiccups along the way, right? I'll have some completed project photos to share once the project is finished . For now, I'm walking you through the bathroom look and will show you the design choices that I've made along the way!

 BATHROOM VANITY:  Originally, I selected a black worn wood prefab vanity, but with budget in mind, we chose to go with the alternative, a white prefab. This allowed for a blank slate. Here she is in all of her glory below. (Keep in mind, the knobs will be switched out!) Side note: It's been SO hard to find cool/modern prefab options!

Winterfell Vanity Base (ALL MODERN) 72"

Winterfell Vanity Base (ALL MODERN) 72"

FLOORING: I wanted a cement-like industrial modern floor look. The existing floors in surrounding rooms are a cherry red wood and are staying put, so I wanted something that would contrast and not compete with the wood floors. I love the look of a washed cement, but we ended up going with a grey matte hex tile.  I plan to match the grout for a seamless look as opposed to contrasting it. Also note that I chose a matte look. I am a BIG fan of matte!


VANITY CHOICES : The next part of the plan was to pull in some neutral options for the vanity. I went with a black matte for both the cabinet pulls and wall mount fixture options. For the sink, I chose a rectangular vessel that fit this modern look. I wanted the vanity counters to have some vein in them since the vanity itself is plain white. So far, you must be thinking that I'm afraid of color. Don't worry! I love adding greenery, color, and wood accents to the end project, so hang with me here guys!

1.  Top Knobs (M987 Matte Black) /   2.  Delta Faucet (Trinsic Wall Mount in Matte Black) /  3. Kohler (Vox Rectangular Vessel Sink)/   4. Dal Tile One Quartz

LIGHTING AND MIRRORS:  These are two of my favorite things to source! I wanted to introduce another element into the mix, so I chose items that were made with brass. This warms up the space but also keeps it modern! (Cedar and Moss Alto Sconce & Cb2 Croft Mirror in Brass)

TUB/SHOWER AREA:  I won't bore you with the details of the tub and shower area, but in a nutshell, we chose a modern freestanding tub with matte black fixtures. The same fixtures will go in the shower area. Both in the shower and around the wall we will be stacking 2x8 matte subways. Yup, you heard it again. MATTE. This is such a great choice for a modern look. For the grout, we chose an almost black to really add some lineage to the look. (Above are two examples of horizontal stacking.)

ACCESSORIZING:  We are still in the remodeling phase of this project, but I've listed my finishing ideas below. With the direction this project is headed, it's important for me to now incorporate some color, some wood, and some greenery!

1. Wood Shelving (Cost Plus)/ 2. Hannah Rug (Urban Outfitters)/ 3. Hanging Planter (Urban Outfitters)/ 4. Laura Berger print / 5. Wood Bench (Scandis Raholt) 6. Wicker Planter (Urban Outfitters)/ 

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.34.35 PM.png

Check back to see updates on this project and hopefully, some finished photos when we wrap it up!