In my opinion, one can never have enough, planters, pillows, or candles. I'm constantly on the hunt for unique and fresh takes on planters. I'd rather spend my money on planters and ceramics than clothing and shoes. The challenge, however, is that each planter needs a companion... a plant that is... and in that case, I need some serious preservation help! Here are some examples of what I'm loving now!

1. PAWENA STUDIO: Gray Dot Stand/ 2. JANELLE GRAMLING: Marbled Vase/ 3. NORDEN GOODS: White Speckled Planter/ 4. THE POTTED EARTH CO: Unglazed Blush Ceramic Planter/ 5. MOMMA POTS: Shooter Set/ 6. FERM LIVING: Bau Pot in Warm Grey/ 7. POP & SCOTT: Tribal/ 8. CB2: Basket Planter/ 9. URBAN OUTFITTERS: Soren Planter/ 10. ANGUS & CELESTE: Raw Earth Planter in Rock Salt Pink/ 11. ECLECTIC GOODS: Color Block Terracotta Garden Pot + Stand/ 12. LOOM + KILN: Bkb Saucer/Planter 13. URBAN OUTFITTERS: Carina Marbled Wing Vase/ 14. MIDLAND SHOP: YES Ceramics: Planters/ 15.  ANTHROPOLOGIE: Sun Porch Pot/ 16. A QUESTION OF EAGLES: Horizon Planters/ 17. VALIENTE GOODS: Bay Planter by Christi Ahee/ 18. CORDUROY COMPANY: Black and White Acoma Pottery/ 19. POP & SCOTT: Little Sandy Desert/ 20. MOMMA POTS: Cylinder

xo, Abbie