FLORA AND FAUNA... ahhh Spring is here! (Well for some of us, at least.) It' s a great time to freshen up your space, and wallpaper can do just that. Wallpaper is a great inexpensive way to update a space without having to pull out the hammer and drill. This week's roundup is inspired but greenery and florals and enhances an indoor space by bringing the outside in!

1. MK Wallpapers "Kindome Home- Vanilla Moth"/ 2. MK Wallpapers "Kindom Home- Jungle Palm"/ 3. ANEWALL "Bird of Paradise Mural"/ 4. Eskayel "Cocos-Thicket"/ 5. Flat Vernacular "Perennial-Verdant"/ 6. Flat Vernacular "Burma-Indian Holly"/ 7. Urban Outfitters "Expressable Palms Removable Wallpaper"/ 8. Lulu and Georgia "Tropical Leaves" Wallpaper"/ 9. ANEWALL "Banana Leaf Wall Mural"/ 10. Murals Wallpaper "Mixed Tropical Leaves Wallpaper"/ 11. Ellie Cashman "Dark Floral Wallpaper"/ 12. Kate Zaremba "Muse in Mint Wallpaper"