"...it was all a dream"...

Ethereal, airy, caught in a dream. This "Wallpaper Wednesday" focuses on dream-like wallpapering that transforms your space with the use of marbling, watercolor, ink blot, and other techniques. Each wallpaper is a true work of art. Whether you're using a small or large amount of these showstoppers, the art is in the wall itself. 

1. ESKAYEL "Jangala-Nyanza"/ 2. ANEWWALL "Watercolor Mural"/ 3. MK WALLPAPERS "Poppytalk-Shoreline"/ 4.  QUERCUS AND CO  "Morph in Sea Blue"/ 5. MK WALLPAPERS "Shibori- Angel"/ 6.  FLAT VERNACULAR "Precipice-Alpamayo"/ 7. ANEWWALL "Roke-Ombre"/ 8. ESKAYEL "Species-Waterstone"/ 9. MURALS WALLPAPER "Ink Blot"/ 10. ANEWWALL "Constellation Mural"/ 11. FLAT VERNACULAR "The Heavens- Beton Brut"/ 12. ANTHROPOLOGIE "Edith"/