In my opinion, fiber art will never go out of style. I don't see it as a trend, as there is so much variety within the bounds of "fiber art." Ranging from mirrors, to macrame, to more sculptural-like elements, these are my top picks for wall hangings.  Fiber art is a great alternative to hanging prints and photographs and can easily add warmth and texture to a space. I love supporting small businesses and find that smaller companies tend to create pieces with more story and personality behind them. And with that, I present to you my favorite fiber art finds!

1. Dharma Door-Jute Macrame Wall Hanging/ 2. Salty Knots- Macrame Wall Hanging/ 3. Megan Shimek- Escalando En Todo/ 4. Radical Souls Collective- Layered Black Tassel and Driftwood/ 5. Ashton Zager- Small But Deeply/ 6. Woven by Ro- Macrame Wall Hranging/ 7. The Dancing Tapestry- Large Bohemian Tapestry/ 8. Janelle Gramling- "Symbiotic Wall Sculpture"/ 9. Fibers and Fringe- Macrame Wall Hanging/ 10. Sunwoven Studio- Mini Asymmetrical Weavings/ 11. Casulo- Giant Yoko/ 12. Ben & Aja Blanc- Apollo Mirror/ 13. Tammy Kanat "Sun rays"/ 14. Attalie Dexter "Totem Wall Hanging"/